Tour Conductors Wanted - Get Paid to Take the Cruise or Tour of your Dreams.

     A tour conductor could be a school teacher who takes a free cruise each year during spring break by organizing a group of fellow educators who are also looking for a week of pampered luxury.
     A tour conductor could be a church representative who organizes a tour to the Oberammergau Passion Play as a fund raiser for her church.
     A tour conductor could be a college student who gets a bunch of friends together for an Eco-tour adventure during summer break.
     One retired couple organizes as many as six groups a year. For them world travel is an affordable reality and tour conducting is a way of life.


A tour conductor is a group leader. He or she helps plan, organize and market a group cruise, escorted tour or other travel product. He or she may also accompany and assist the group of travelers seeing to it that their cruise or tour progresses in a smooth and orderly manner. They may need to coordinate with the travel provider to arrange for and assure that various services are provided.


As a tour conductor you can travel on the cruise or tour of your dreams for free or for a substantially reduced price. You may also receive additional compensation for your efforts. The exact compensation will vary depending on the size of the group, the destination and other factors. Tour conductor passes and compensation may be kept as a reward for your effort, shared with members of your group to reduce everyone's cost (this is common with family reunions, or friends and family groups) or it may be used as a fund raiser for your organization or charity.


Almost anywhere a cruise line sales, a tour company operates or other destinations that you can find a group of people wanting to go to. You can visit the Holy Lands, Take an elephant trek through Thailand, cruise the Yangtze, safari in Africa, do an Eco-tour of Costa Rica. You come up with an idea you can sell and we will do everything we can to put it together.


All duties will be performed with the assistance of the travel agency, Vacations Unlimited.

1) You will decide on a cruise or tour that you are most interested in promoting.

2) You will establish a goal for the number of people to be in your group and how you plan to market the cruise or tour to this group of people.

3) You will collect and forward to the travel agency completed reservations forms and deposits from group passengers.

4) If requirements are met for earning a free or reduced fare tour conductors pass, then you may be required to assist the members of you group to assure their satisfaction. This might include helping to locate luggage assisting in arranging for portage of luggage, adjusting dining arrangements, making arrangement for special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries, arranging for meeting facilities, cocktail parties or amenities.

For more information or to get started setting up your first group contact Lyell at Vacations Unlimited. Phone: (360)459-5240 or (877)659-5240; Fax (360)459-5251; or e-mail


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